Research activities of the group are mainly focused on design, synthesis and characterization of molecular and supramolecular systems of varied complexity. We are interested in a better understanding of structural factors, intra- and intermolecular interactions, thermodynamic and kinetic equilibria within these assemblies or mixtures, and their exploiting for biomedical applications and imaging, nanomaterials and cosmetics. Our approach is interdisciplinary and requires competences in chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics. Few research subjects are presented in more details below, but the list is non-exhaustive. If you would be interested in joining us (at any level: student, researcher, etc.), don’t hesitate to contact us.

Self-assembled Polynuclear Complexes

Hybrid Bio-assemblies

Modified Oligonucleotides and Related Assemblies

Enzymatic Kinetics in Complex Media – projet X-CROWD

ARN Engineering and Formulation